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Here we've added over 40 Designed urdu questions for facebook users,specially for page owners.

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Why page owner's should Ask Questions on Facebook?

When a user comments/reply to your question on facebook,which they likely do more when they see a question as compared to your other posts,page owners get many benefits from that.First, there are possiblities that the friends of your fan (who commented/replied to your question) might see that question on their news feed under the heading, " (that friend) commented on a photo".Secondly when a facebook user hit like or comment on some page's post,next time facebook shows that user more posts from the same page,which he had commented on before.So Asking questions on facebook is a beneficial practice for facebook page owners,so that why i designed urdu questions for facebook users.

urdu questions for facebook
urdu question for facebook

Pakistan ka sab se bhara masula kiya hai,Sirf aik lafaz main jawab dain,urdu questions for facebook users.

urdu questions for facebook
urdu question facebook

Tasveer dekh kar kon si kahani yaad aati hai? it's Probably is the "The Greedy Dog".(Lalchi Kuta) An interesting question for facebook.

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literary urdu question

Khuda e sukhan kis shayar ko kaha jata hai,durast jawab " Meer Taqi Meer" hai. A literary urdu question.

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questions for facebook

Yeh Khel kon kon khelta raha hai,an interesting urdu question for facebook.This game is very popular among rurul children of punjab,called "Bantay" or "Goli PIla".

questions for facebook in urdu
questions for facebook in urdu
urdu question facebook
urdu question facebook

tasveer main kitne log hain? urdu question facebook.

urdu question picture
urdu question picture

urdu question picture,tasveer main se chehra dhond kar dikhain,hathi ke kaan (ear) ke uper hai.

urdu puzzle questions for facebook
Urdu puzzle question

teetar aur kabotar ke ke ilawa kisi aik parinday ka naam jis ke akhir par "tar" aata ho?urdu puzzle question for facebook.

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urdu questions pics

Tasveer main kul kitne janwar nazar aa rahay hain,urdu questions pics for facebook users.

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image questions

image questions for facebook ,Kiya ham zahni ghulam hain? Somehow nobody can deny that.

fb urdu questions
fb urdu questions

Ap ki koi buri adat.

urdu questions wallpapers
urdu questions wallpapers

kiya haqeeqat main iss tarah ki cheez banana mumkin hai.NO,in real noby can make a structure like this.However on paper this is possible.urdu questions wallpapers for facebook.

urdu sawal wallpaper
Urdu sawal wallpaper

Chehra dhond kar dikhain,pretty easy question...And that's all in this section,you can have funny urdu questions for facebook,islamic urdu questions,and some more urdu questions from the link given above.