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A joke is something spoken, written, or done with humorous intention.Jokes may have many different forms, for example a single word or a gesture , a question and answer, or a whole short story.Here we've added many jokes,just pick a category and start laughing.We've added Sardar ji jokes,Husband and Wife jokes,Doctor and patient jokes,father and son jokes,One line urdu jokes,Teacher and student jokes in urdu,political jokes in urdu,family jokes ,Larka and larki jokes ect.And Hopefully we woun't stop here,we'll be adding more jokes every now and then.And If you want to read the Urdu Literary jokes of Urdu poets and authors based on their real life events go here Urdu Literary Jokes

best sardar ji jokes
Sardar Jokes
best husband and wife jokes in urdu
Husband & Wife Jokes
best teacher student jokes
Teacher Student jokes
best baap beta jokes in urdu
Father & Son Jokes
best doctor and patient jokes in urdu
Doctor Patient jokes
best family jokes in urdu
Family jokes
best larka larki jokes
Larka Larki jokes
best one liner jokes in urdu
One liner jokes
best political jokes in urdu
Political jokes