qamar jalalvi

Qamar jalalvi (born in 1887) was a prominent pakistani poet,He was born in Jalali,Aligarh,later he moved to pakistan in 1947 when pakistan come into being.Qamar jalalvi's writting style is classical,he is considered the last modern poet of classical tradition,His ghazals has unique and amazing flow and simplicity of expression.

Qamar jalalvi started composing in very young age,it is said that he was 9 year old when he started writing poetry,in his 20s he got famous.Qamar jalalvi's life was pretty hard,he had financial problems too.Qamar jalalvi was used to have a shop of reparing bicycles.Qamar jalalvi had many students,some of them are got famous in the field of urdu poetry,that the one reason he is known as "Ustad Qamar Jalalvi" too.His two ghazal books named "Rashak e Qamar" and "oaj e Qamar" has been pulished recently by his students,none of his book got published in ustad qamar jalalvi's life. Qamar died in 1968 in karachi,Pakistan.

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Download Qamar jalavi book Rashk e Qamar

rashk e qamar ustad qamar jalalvi To Download The famous book of Ustad Qamar jalalvi Click on the Image.We will try to provide the links of others books of ustad qamar jalalvi specially of "ooj e qamar by qamar jalalvi" and "gham e jawedan by ustad qamar jalalvi".

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