Nasir kazmir

Nasir Kazmi (1925 to 1972) was a prominent poet of urdu language.He was wonderful at using "ista'aaray" in his poetry.Nasir kazmi born in Ambala,Haryana.After patition he chose to live in lahore,pakistan.Nasir Kazmi also did some good journalistic work with "Auraq e Nau" as an editor,and in 1952 he became the chief editor of the magazine "Humayun".Nasir kazmi started writing poetry in 1940s,Nasir Kazmi was a great admirer and fan of Meer taqi meer.In some of his ghazals meet's style could be seen.Nasir was used to hum hi verses in a very good way.His four books were published after he passed away.He had a stomack cancer,He died on 2 March 1972.His books include "Barg e nae","Pehli Barish","Nishat e khawab",Sur ki Chahay"and "Khushk chashme ke kinare".

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tere milne ko

تیرے ملنے کو بیکل ہوگئے ہیں

کیا لگے آنکھ ، کہ پِھر دل میں سمایا کوئی

غَم ہے یا خُوشی ہے تُو

نیت شوق بھر نہ جائے کہیں