momin khan momin

Momin Khan Momin (1800 to 1851) was a very wellknown urdu poet.Momin was a contemporary of Ghalib and Zauq Ibrahim.He is also known as "Khakeem momin khan momin".Mirza Ghalib once offered his whole diwan for this "sher" of Momin,"Tum mere paas hote ho goyaa.....Jab koi dusra Nahin hota".If you give little attention to this "sher" you will see the beauty of it."Woh ju ham main tum main qarar tha tumhein yaad ho ke na yaad ho",is a very famous ghazals of Momin Khan Momin.

Momin Khan Momin happened to be an outstanding chess player.Momin khan Momin's poetry don't have much of philosophical thoughts.Most of his poetry deals in praise of love and beauty and the emotions of sadness.Momin Khan Momin used persian words very often but his poetry is not that difficult to understand,as much as of Meer Taqi Meer.

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قہر ہے موت ہے قضا ہے عشق

مشوره کیا کیجے چرخ پیر سے

عشق نے یہ کیا خراب ہمیں

ناوک انداز جدھر دیدۂ جاناں ہوں گے

دل آگ ہے اور لگائیں گے ہم

اثر اس کو ذرا نہیں ہوتا

چل پرے ہٹ مجھے نہ دکھلا مُنہ

وہ جو ہم میں تُم میں قرار تھا، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو