khawaja meer dard

Khawaja Mir Dard was born in 1721,He is considered one of the best classical urdu poet. Some critics or may be most of the critics considered khawaja meer dard the greatest sufi poet of "urdu language".His poetry has sufi couplets a lot.

Khawaja Meer Dard couldn't get any formal education,however in an informal way he was taught well at home.He also learned Arabic and Persian.Meer Dard's couplets can be read at both spiritual and secular levels.Many of the couplets from his poetry revolves around sufi thoughts,however at the same time Meer Dard wrote ghazals which deal with an earthly love.Khawaja Meer Dard's style is simple,natural and musical,Meer dard's poetry collection also includes a persian diwan.Khawaja Meer died in 1785.

meer dard
dard | jag main koi
meer dard sher
dard | ronday hai ..
meer dard
dard | ham tujh se kis
meer dard ghazals
dard | qatal e aashiq ..
meer dard poetry
dard | jag main aa kar
meer dard shayari
dard | mujh ko tujh se
khawaja meer dard
dard | teri gali main
khawaja meer dard
dard | tujhi ko jo yan
meer dard shairy
dard | qasid nahin yeh
meer dard
a ghazal by meer dard

ہے غلط گر گُمان میں کچھ ہے

سینہ و دل حسرتوں سے چھا گیا

روندے ہے نقش پا کي طرح خلق ياں مجھے

ہر طرح زمانے کے ہاتھوں سے ستم دیدہ