Hasrat Mohani

Hasrat Mohani (bron 1875 died 1951) was a prominent urdu poet,journalist & politician.Moulana Hasrat Mohani's real name was Syed Fazl ul Hasan,He chose Hasrat as his Takhalus.He was a native of Mohan,that's how he got popular with the name of Moulana Hasrat Mohani.

After doing B.A Hasrat Mohani published a magazine named "urdu e muala".Hasrat Mohani had a great sympathy for the indian Muslims.Because of his thoughts about English people He had to go to jails several times,he did make great sasrifices for the muslims of indian subcontinent.

Most of Hasrat Mohani's poetry deals with the emotions of love,but on various occasions it talks about the ethical values,He also talks bravely in his poetry about the cruelities of the English people upon muslims at that time.Dr.Yousaf Hussain Khan said "As a great artist Hasrat's name will be there forever as far as the urdu readers are alive in this world".Dr Syed Abdullah Said "Hasrat mixed the colours of Classical & Modern urdu poetry together,that's why the people of every tastes impressed by his poetry".

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