Fana nizami Kanpuri

It's sad that many of the urdu poets couldn't get that popularity which they deserve,Fana nizami kanpuri is one of them.Even the books of the the poets like fana nizami kanpuri,nizam rampuri or bismil saeedi are hard to find now a days.Only the Great "ustads" poetry work could be found easily.The "Ustads" and the Poets like Akbar Allahabadi,Ameer minai ect.Fana Nizami kanpuri was very popular during his life time.Fana was used to attend "mushaira" very often.Here we are adding the poetry of Fana nizami kanpuri.We will try to add more stuff related to Fana or may be some book of Fana Nizami kanpuri.

fana nizami kanpuri shayari
fana | ya rab meri ..
fana nizami kanpuri shayari
fana | husan ki aik
fana nizami kanpuri ghazals
fana | ham aagahi ishq
fana nizami kanpuri poetry
fana | woh hanmaan
fana nizami kanpuri
fana | yeh bahaar ka
fana nizami kanpuri
jab mere raste
fana nizami kanpuri
tark e taluqaat

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