Bashir Badr

Bashir Badr was a prominent urdu poet,bron on February 15,1935.Bashir Badr did B.A,M.A and Ph.D from Aligarh Muslim University.Later he worked as a lecturer in the Same university.Because of his easy style Bashir Badr is one of the most commonly sung poets.Bashir Badr also knew English and persian.

Along with his poetry work Bashir Badr also wrote to books "Azadi ke Baad Urdu Ghazal ka tanqidi mutala" and "Biswein sadi main ghazal" as literary criticism.His Work also have been translated in to some other language along with English.The completion of His poetry work has been pulished as "Kulliyat e Bashir Badr".He achieved many awards.HIs Ghazal "koi Shaam ghar bhi Raha karo" is very popular know a days.Here we are adding dr bashir badr's ghazals and other stuff.We will be adding more ghazals of dr bashir badr.

bashir badr kabhi yun bhi
bashir | kabhi yun bhi
bashir badr ghazal
bashir | agar talash ..
bashir badr
bashir | khuda ham ko
bashir badr qata
bashir | ajab halaat the
bashir badr shayari
bashir | log toot jate
bashir badar
bashir | mujh se bichar
bashir badr ankhon main raha
bashir | ankhon main
bashir badr
bashir | sar jhukao gay
bashir badr shairy
bashir | kabhi kabhi tu
bashir badr sher
bashir | parindon ko abhi
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