Asghar Gondvi

Asghar Gondvi (born in 1884) was a prominent urdu poet,most of his poetry had sufi couplets.His father's name was Munshi Tafazzul Hussain,And he was a lawyer.Asghar gondvi couldn't complete his formal education because of the lack of funds,later Asghar started to give attention to urdu and persian literature.

Asghar Gondvi had pretty hard time,He also worked in railway engineering departement in Allahabad.Asghar gondvi died in 1936 in Allahabad.His two collections of poetry were published in his life time named "Nishat e rooh" and "sarod e zindagi"in 1925 and 1935 respectively.

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josh e junoon mein

نہ یہ شیشہ نہ یہ ساغر نہ یہ پیمانہ بنے

نہ ہوگا کاوشِ بے مدّعا کا رازداں برسوں

یہ بھی فریب سے ہیں کچھ درد عاشقی کے

جوشِ جنوں میں چھوٹ گیا آستانِ یار

ہرجُنْبشِ نِگاہ تِری جانِ آرزُو

افتادگانِ عشق نے سَر اَب تو رکھ دیا